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Flash Lift Bonder Inside lightener will give you the same lifting performance as Flash Lift, with he added benefit of having a bonding additive built into keep fibers strong. New customised packaging designed with a built in measuring cup. Up to 8 levels of lift and can be used with Shades EQ Gloss to customize clients' blondes. Protects bonds for increased strength. No need to bump up developer.
How To
Flash Lift Bonder Inside mixes in a variable ratio of 1:1 to 1:2 for optimal consistency for a variety of applications. OFF SCALP APPLICATIONS: - 10-40 volume (maximum) - Mix in a 1:1 to 1:2 ratio depending on desired consistency. - 1:1 ratio of 30g powder* + 30ml developer - 1:1.5 ratio of 30g powder* + 45ml developer - 1:2 ratio of 30g powder* + 60ml developer **(When using 1:2 for off-scalp application, use only up to 30 volume maximum) - On Scalp 1:2 ratio of 30g powder + 60ml developer Development Time: Up to 50 minutes determined according to the desired results or until the hair reaches pale yellow. Do not use heat. ON-SCALP APPLICATIONS: - 10-30 Volume (maximum) - Mix in a 1:2 ratio of 30 g. of powder* + 60 ml developer Ask more information about this product
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Flash Lift Bonder Inside 25 x 30G Box Colour

- Lighteners

Product code : EAN 884486385857
Flash Lift Bonder Inside is a lightening powder that has a bonder built in, helping you protect bonds to keep fibers strong with none of the extra steps!

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