Composed of 7 products, Première is a complete collection to target

the reinforcement and calcium removal of damaged hair.​


Having an exclusive professional service for salons to treat

all types of damaged hair is a real opportunity to develop your

business, by helping to solve a frequent request in the salon.​

Start with the diagnosis of your client’s hair to understand all her needs.​​


Listen carefully to your client to understand all her needs. ​

Ask about her hair story to get all the important information, what she likes or not, what treatments she has done etc.


Pick up only one hair at the top, turn it around your finger and stretch it. ​

Healthy hair is elastic and will take back its original form, while damaged hair will break under stress. ​

To be more precise, do the same gesture on wet hair. Moisten a strand and repeat the process. If the hair is porous and elastic, it means it is damaged. ​

Share everything you see with your clients; they are eager to learn from your expertise!​


Start by reformulating your diagnosis and give your recommendation for the Première in-salon service. ​

Then, introduce the at-home routine to follow and reinforce results over time. Once again, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge. ​

Explain the benefits, the ingredients, and all the steps in detail.

Première Concentré Décalcifiant Ultra-Réparateur

A dual-action decalcifying and repairing pre-shampoo hair treatment for damaged hair. Recreates 99% of hair’s original strength.* 

*Instrumental test after application of the Concentré Décalcifiant Ultra-réparateur

Première Bain Décalcifiant Réparateur

A rich double-action shampoo that works inside and out to remove excess calcium and strengthen and repair damaged hair. Hair is +73% Shinier & 2x Smoother. 

*Instrumental test after application of BAIN Décalcifiant Rénovateur

Première Sérum Filler Fondamental 

A leave-in repairing anti-breakage filler hair serum. This 72H anti-frizz serum helps seal and coat hair strands, and protect them from the heat of styling tools, leaving hair shiny and strong.*

*Instrumental test after 1 application of the Première Sérum Filler Fondamental

Première Concentré Liquide Resurfaçant 

This exclusive in-salon decalcifying and extra repairing professional treatment is ideal for hair that is severely damaged by chemical processing. 4x Smoother Hair, +70% More Shine, 8x Less Breakage*

**Instrumental test after application of the Decalcifying Repairing Shampoo + Concentré Liquide Resurfaçant


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